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Revitalize. Renew. Reinvent.

Your Infrastructure Renewal Partner



Servox is the leading infrastructure rehabilitation specialist in the Greater Houston Area. Comprising a powerhouse team of seasoned engineers, construction professionals, and innovative thinkers, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to excellence.



The Servox Advantage

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

We offer specialized rehabilitation services tailored to each project's unique needs, from lift stations and wastewater plants to intricate underground pipelines.

Operational Optimization

Beyond basic rehabilitation, we ensure that renovated infrastructures perform at peak efficiency, maximizing their utility and lifespan.

Custom Solutions

Recognizing the distinct challenges faced by different communities, we devise solutions that align perfectly with their specific requirements, ensuring resources are utilized most effectively.


Our projects are not just about addressing present issues; we reimagine and reconstruct to ensure that infrastructures are resilient and ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Pioneers of Infrastructure Renewal in the Greater Houston Area

From Houston's bustling heart, Servox is the trusted name for breathing life back into aging infrastructures. The greater Houston community relies on us to uplift and fortify its fundamental assets. Your community's growth shouldn't be limited by old infrastructure. With Servox leading the charge, progress is always on the horizon.

Rooted in our core values of integrity, innovation, and dedication, we've carved a niche for ourselves as the trusted name in infrastructure renewal. From our inception, our vision has always been clear: to transform and fortify the very foundations that communities across Houston stand on.

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Francisco Naranjo

Chief Executive Officer



“Servox transformed our old water plant. It's not just restored; it's better than ever. Can't recommend them enough.”

Linda M.
Sugar Land, TX



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21302 Provincial Blvd

Suite A

Katy, TX 77450

(832) 942-8460

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